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i'm a sucker for that 80s synth
I also do voice acting its just hard to make it sound good without a proper studio


19, Male



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Outlines/Terms and Conditions

Buy asking for a commission you hear by agree to these rules,

I tried to be fair and understating and these can and will change over time so please read!

Anything that needs to be discussed you can contact me.


  • Denying or Cancelling on my end
    •   I have the right to deny any commission that I cannot complete or simply do not want to
    •   I have the right to cancel a work that I cannot complete or finish within certain reasons
    • A cancelation on my end will result in a refund of your money as soon as possible                  


  • Adjustments
    •    I want to make sure my costumer is as satisfied as possible, so I will send several drafts of the work before finishing the final product. (I just want to make sure it is what you are asking for)


  •  Deadlines
    • I can but prefer not to work under deadlines it highly limits what I can come up with, however for projects and such I understand I will try to adhere to the schedule that you provide.


  • Payments
    •  Paypal (USD)
    • I prefer 50% upfront and then 50% after the finished product has been received
    • Prices will vary based on time and difficulty but for reference a full 3 min song for a videogame soundtrack should run about $10-15

*Prices subject to change (price chart will come soon)




What I am proficient in

I Cannot/will not work on

  • Orchestral or something requiring real instruments (I do not own the virtual instruments or software at the time of writing this to complete such adventures although I would like to one day).

I am proficient in

  • Synthwave or Techno 80s vibe
  • Videogame or 8-bit soundtracks
  • Remixing and Remaking game tracks
  • My certain style of Lo-fi Chillstep


I Can do but am not proficient in

  • Loops and backtracks (hip-hop related)
  • Drum tracks
  • Jazz/ fusion (Chords only)
  • I will make works for projects but only if my name is mentioned somewhere for credit



Fill-out Form

This is in order for me to identify people who want commissions

Please send as a private message through Newgrounds Only!



  • Name and username: ______________
  • Com: [Loop/Full track] [Time Limit][Genera or helpful tips]
  • References: [anything to aide me in finding the exact sound, more is better]
  • Best place for me to send updates and drafts: ____________
  • Comments or Details: _____________


  • Joe Shmoo (Nerostratos)
  • Com: 2 min Videogame loop
  •  References: Link to 1st song, link to 2nd song
  • Discord/Newgrounds/Twitter/ect.
  •  “Make it dark and minor but a little bouncy for a cave exploration track”



Feel free to ask any questions I know I didn’t touch on a lot here but that’s only cause I’m new to working for other people, but I hope I can fill your request if It falls under any of the above specifications. Thank you for reading